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Flow - For Love of Water DVD

Flow - For Love of Water DVD


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This film highlights what is one of the most critical issues of our time. Our basic human right to fresh water! Water is now a for profit industry whilst private corporations gain control of the world's water. One of the stories in the film which moved me most and highlighted the particular relevance to us in the 3rd world, is the construction of a dam in Lesotho, forcing the relocation of 17,000 farmers from fertile lands to a region so arid they cannot grow crops to feed their families. Often going four days without fresh water flow, they resort to drinking contaminated river water that causes disease and death. The film excels at the job of raising awareness. You'll find yourself asking all sorts of questions such as: Should water be sold for profit? If so, what are taxes for? Should we use our drinking water to flush the toilet? And wait a minute, aren't dams killing our rivers?

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