A package of top quality documentaries which will encourage discussion both in the classroom and the playground around issues of substantial relevance to the children and the world that they live in.

The package consists of ten cutting-edge documentaries. In depth studies on critical issues such as social justice, food security, water, waste and biodiversity.

A manual / worksheets accompany the dvds suggesting pointers to assist facilitating the discussion provoked.

Schools can swop and share with others from a constantly expand library of titles

The producer’s desire is that these important topics are brought into the informal curriculum

We live in the information age and there is no more an avid user of the technology than children. However, classroom experience illustrates that although learners can identify hundreds of commercial brands, tags and logos: they struggle to identify even ten local plants, flowers, trees!

The subject matter of this particular offering is not only presented in a form that is easily accessible to the learners but also brings into their awareness some very important content. This teaching aid will help focus young minds on some of the more pressing questions of our day – questions of survival.

Encouraging both the educator and the learner to make responsible daily decisions that cumulatively effect the environment we all inherit.

[ Alternative wording to above : This package offers to help inform about the immediate concerns that should occupy at least some of our attention. Issues relevant to the natural world we need to survive in ]
[ Educational tools such as this collection of DVDs will hopefully inform them, in an engaging format about our shared ecology – and how to exist sustainably. ]


To share new knowledge and research, to encourage free thought and to enable democratic discussion of new ideas.

In order to rise above the mass of targeted consumers and become authentically empowered in an increasingly complicated overpopulated world, the youth must learn the skills of discernment, the ability to filter information, the ability to judge the source of the information and the ability to identify bias. As leaders of the future, our learners need to learn how to search with an open mind for all sides of every story. They should be able to assess information and distil some truth from different viewpoints, in order to formulate their own independent understanding of the subject at hand. 
There are many things challenging the way we live.  Overpopulation, the dwindling reserves of fossil fuels, economic shifts and global warming will force us to find new way to work, think and learn. They already are. Instead of a fearful reaction we would like to encourage the youth to rise up to the challenge and to search for new positive alternative solutions to our environmental problems.

We believe that by doing this we will be empowering a generation of leaders who are mindful in their how they live and act in their daily personal daily choices.
Educators have to be sure that their learners leave armed with the tools they need to filter information, question it, and be confident and self-respectful enough to voice their own opinions in mindful debate and discussion.

Then we will be creating a generation of enlightened and respectful leaders, who lead from their inner conviction and are not swayed by outside agenda’s, and who are able to make empowered and informed choices in their daily lives.

*The exercise of watching the documentaries and then becoming involved in active debate encourages individuals to consider or reconsider their viewpoints and formulate their own opinions. 

*The opportunity of becoming involved in a facilitated debate teaches life-skills

This product gives the school access to current cutting edge documentary films from all over the globe.