The Power of Film

Human kind is in turmoil. There needs to be a shift in consciousness to help put an end to war, eliminate poverty, and to stop the destruction of our planet's precious biodiversity.

Many of us feel overwhelmed by the challenges we face. In order to move forward, the first step is fully understanding where we are now. Then dreaming responsible solutions and finally, activating these solutions.

Activist holds that the medium of film is the one of the most effective ways of raising and transforming awareness. We encourage films which courageously expose truth and magically dream a new world into being.

"We applaud all film makers who pool their efforts to understand and elevate the experience of life on this planet."

Conscious Creators are a catalytic force because they use the power of imagination to call forth a new awareness that reflects a quantum leap in evolutionary development and a new paradigm for life.

Think about it for a moment, is there is any denying that a well made film can pass along concepts far quicker than any other form of communication?

One example would be "The Inconvenient Truth" which precipitated a global shift in consciousness that is unprecedented. Before The Inconvenient Truth, global warming was largely considered a debate (with the bulk of the media leaning away from the 'greenies') ... now after the film (almost) everyone agrees that man-made global warming is a reality.

Media Convergence

So what exactly is The Media? Well its not quite what it was five years ago. Its not even really what it was three months ago for that matter. You may be aware that all traditional media formats are gradually converging into / onto a single platform - the internet. For better or for worse, the ubiquitous net will become synonymous with what we know today as 'The Media'. Whether the Net will still be a democratic medium (Net Neutrality) is another matter.

Advertising vs. Education

"The Fourth Incarnation of Advertising"

The contrasting states of what we call "The Advertising Industry" and, in extreme contrast, our "Education System" are so completely polarised that it sounds almost ridiculous to combine them in a sentence.

Opposite ends of the spectrum.

On the one hand you have enormous creative talent with a basically trivial message (big on style, poor on content) and at the other end you have minimal resources and pretty much the most important messages. Imagine for a bit what the landscape would look like if we dedicated the same creative vision to the task of educating the people.

LEFT : Troy Wade talks about the evolution of advertising (Interviewed by Dale Botha, filmed by Kenny Geraghty)

We are facing a tremendous crisis; a crisis which the politicians can never solve because they are programmed to think in a particular way—nor can the scientists understand or solve the crisis; nor yet the business world, the world of money. The turning point, the perceptive decision, the challenge, is not in politics, in religion, in the scientific world; it is in our consciousness. One has to understand the consciousness of mankind, which has brought us to this point.

J. Krishnamurti