Memorandum from Woolworths Customers : Addressed to Woolworths top decision makers

Presented by Woolworths customers Wendy Hardie & Ivan Ginsberg – to Woolworths manager Justin Smith – at a meeting in Woolworths Cavendish, on 22nd September, 2009.

Please would you present this memorandum to Woolworths decision makers, and ask them to reassure Woolworths customers that :

1.  Woolworths has a concrete plan

Tell us what concrete actions Woolworths are taking and have planned – leading up to your move to free range eggs in all products?

2.  Time frame

What is your time frame on this?  i.e. when can customers expect to be able to buy products that do not contain battery eggs, but which are made with free range eggs only?

3.  Please restore our faith in Woolworths 

- Can we believe that all Woolworths statements around free range eggs weren’t deliberately meant to mislead us customers into thinking that Woolworths had already taken a stand in favour of free range eggs, and space for hens, across your entire food range? 

- Please reassure us that we can trust Woolworths integrity in all your other statements both now and in the future? 

- Does Woolworths really care about its customers?  Have you actually read our individual e-mails?  Why didn’t you address individual customer’s concerns?

The way Julian Novak, Customer Services & the Press Office have handled our queries, we think the answer to this is no.  Please reassure and convince us that we are wrong to think this.

Please would you provide a written statement of reassurance to your Woolworths customers, addressing these 3 crucial concerns, by the end of September 2009.

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