dear woolworths what was this sign supposed to make us think ?

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the story so far

March 2004 - Woolworths commits to selling only free range eggs.  They put a sign up in their stores :

 "FREE AS A BIRD - We are the first retailer in South Africa to sell only free range eggs - we think our hens enjoy having space to behave like hens should."
Woolworths CEOWoolworths CEO, Simon Susman, says : "From now on, no Woolworths laying hen will ever have lived or spent any of her life in a cage." (March 2004)

December 2007 - Discovery that in spite of all this, Woolworths uses battery eggs in all their salads, omelettes, quiches, pancakes, baked and prepared foods ...

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letters from customers
"Talk about misleading the public with sleight of hand ..."

"Come on guys, did you really think you were going to get away with
this?? ..."

"Get it right Woolworths! ..."
Letters to Woolworths

situation in the UK
Situation in UK

Jamie Oliver pictured here for the UK TV series "Fowl Dinners"
© Philip Hollis/Channel 4 Television
Jamie Oliver's recent TV series in the UK called "Fowl Dinners" - showed how chickens live and die before reaching our dinner plate.  This horrifying wake-up call, changed the shopping habits of many UK people overnight.  Free range chickens flew off the shelves, and 3 major supermarkets banished battery hens.  read more about the current situation in the uk

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We need to drive the battery egg into extinction!

Exactly 20 years ago there wasn't a single free range egg on the market, but more and more consumers are demanding that their food is produced in a cruel-free and dignified way (see the latest issue of Animal Voice at for the history of free range eggs)

With your help we can ensure that before long, there will be no battery eggs available for sale as all eggs will be produced in an ethical and humane manner.

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