2011 will be remembered as a year of revolution!

Events in North Africa remind us that no matter how powerless we may feel, when we stand together, there's no limit to what we can achieve.

This is also the year that South Africa hosts the 17th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (Conference of the Parties - COP17). Representatives from 190 countries will be here discussing global emissions targets, while the eyes of the world, most especially the youth, look to us to show that we are taking collective action to address access to electricity and increased clean energy provision.

The challenges presented by climate change are complex and daunting, and it will require collective effort, intent and action to ensure we can respond to the best of our ability.

South Africa is listed as the 13th highest emitter of CO2 in the world due to our hefty reliance on coal which makes up 92% of fuel used for electricity generation. We also have a great many households still without electricity and a large number of people are unemployed. Our country's (draft) 20 year electricity plan is overly conservative in targets for renewable energy, at approximately 15% by 2030 and greatly underestimates what can be done through energy- efficiency initiatives.

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The good news is that we are also one of the world's sunniest countries. There's a reason we call ourselves 'Sunny South Africa'! We are presented with an incredible opportunity. Through investments in renewable energy technologies, large-scale energy-efficiency initiatives and other bright 'out-of-the-box' ways of doing things, South Africa can meet the electricity demand of a growing economy; provide electricity to all households; create thousands of decent jobs AND simultaneously reduce emissions.

As part of making this vision a reality, we are calling for a SOLAR REVOLUTION! We see South Africa as a leader in the various solar industries, resulting in sustainable job creation, local economic development and the export of skills and products. We have calculated that through solar water heating alone, we can do away with the demand for proposed coal-powered station Kusile.

Sign up for the campaign, not only calling on government to do more, but to signal your commitment to act where you can . In addition to your support for our work, we ask for your pledge to either install your own solar system (whether that be a solar water heater, solar oven or solar panels), and to use your sphere of influence to encourage at least one other person or organisation to contribute to an environment that makes use of our abundant solar wealth. Then help us develop the campaign by sending your stories of actions taken, solar targets set and successful installations.

Speak to your family, friends, colleagues, organisational leaders and be the example... Let's begin the Solar Revolution!

We are calling for:

  • Small, medium and large scale solar technology use and Energy efficiency (EE) initiatives from domestic to industrial all around South Africa.
  • Visible South African leadership in global research and development in solar and EE.
  • An environment which creates thriving solar technology industries in South Africa. This will create thousands of decent jobs and stimulate local economic development as we export our skills and products.

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