Put pressure on key government officials to make micro-farming a priority in agricultural policy NOW!

Micro-farming (family farming on small plots) has the power to change the face of South Africa, providing adequate food, nutrition, self worth and work to millions in need.

In Polokwane 2009 there was consensus in government around FAMILY FARMING as a solution to FOOD SECURITY ISSUES. What is lacking is an actual strategy to implement solutions. Let’s get government to allocate support to replicate micro-farming models already in action. Sign this petition now which will be presented to the National Agricultural Minister and her Director General, the National Minister of Social Development and viable Provincial and Local Government leaders such as Premier Zille and the Mayor of Cape Town. Currently over 15% of the world’s fresh household food is produced on micro-farms.

Starvation is entirely avoidable - even in the worst situations - if people are given just a bit of land, some seed and some water. It is even possible to create one full-time job on as little as 500 square meters (and less) of land. People are not inherently poor – nor are they destined to remain so. Through the correct resources, training and assessment, all South Africans can live healthy lives of meaning and independence. This petition is hosted by  the Farm & Garden National Trust.

The Farm & Garden National Trust was established in 2002 to promote and support the micro-farming movement throughout South Africa. The F&G Trust, through its national best practice model Abalimi Bezekhaya (Farmers of Home),  currently supports approximately 3000 micro-farmers to feed their families, over 15000 people,  every year, in 2500 home gardens and 100 community gardens, In Cape Town. More about the F & G Trust or how you can help in other ways ... click here.

Our staple diet used to consist of pap, bread and coffee, occasionally meat. Our township gardens have improved our diets by providing the nutritional value from the fresh, quality organic vegetables” says Christina Kaba, co-trustee of the F & G Trust and founding leader of  SA’s first  mother-led female farmers association- the Vukuzenzela Urban Farmers Association (VUFA).

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* What your signature can do :

    1. A micro-farming action plan in Government

  • A micro-farming action plan in Government that can work (there are already plans of a sort in Government which do not work or partly work only because they are propped up by civil society without Government acknowledgement or support)
  • Government allocating support (in the form of funds, research, land and manpower) to replicate micro-farming models throughout South Africa
  • Increased food security among the poor
  • Increased organic food supply, locally produced, by the poor
  • Job creation
    2. Increased awareness of the Farm & Garden National Trust and Micro-farming

  • Increased awareness of the micro-farming movement which is being promoted by Farm & Garden National Trust and others
  • Increased support: volunteers and donors
  • Increase consumer demand for locally produced organic food which creates jobs among the poor