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Read : Fruit and Veg City’s stance on the availability of genetically modified produce in SA

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Many thanks to CBAN, a Canadian organisation that put a link on their site to the petition


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Farmer's Weekly

Dear Activist,

Your signature on has made a huge difference!

The South African Government has finally made a decision on GM Potatoes and has roundly rejected the application to release them onto the market. That this rejection has happened in the pro-GM environment of South Africa is testament to the power of citizens becoming involved in the government decision making process. Thank you for taking the time to sign on. The Agricultural Research Council has appealed the decision. We will keep you up to date on the appeal process and may call on you once again to voice your opposition to GM potatoes. Please see our press release below for further information.

The African Centre for Biosafety submitted over 2000 signatures petitioning against the permit as well as a comprehensive objection, which can be viewed at

A Business Day article on the decision can be viewed at

Press Release from the ACB website :

Best Regards,
Haidee Swanby
African Centre for Biosafety
5 Flamingo Close
Cape Town
South Africa

Some replies from the announcement emailed :
Good to still be connected, thank you for sending us activist invitation to participate and we will. Anne-Lise, The Novalis Ubuntu Institute
Fantastic news ! All strength for your work onwards.
Howard Dobson, Cape Town.
well done!  please keep sending me updates and petitions to sign!
Dr Heidi van Loggerenberg
Hi Haidee, Yay! We might have a democracy yet! Many thanks for your tireless efforts, it is much appreciated.
Congratulations for this major victory and indeed the road will always be bumpy as the power of the private sector is enormous. However, your work to defend the interests of humanity is even greater. I hope that you will keep the fire burning and continue to expose the shortcomings of this technology in terms of the environment and human health. We will continue to support you as you face these uphill challenges.
Andrew Mushita
Thank you for doing this work on our behalf Haidee.
Blessings, Robyn Wainwright
Dear Haidee, Dear ACB, dear all, CONGRATURATIONS !! YES unity brings a difference. We wish you more positive success. We shall ever join you in the struggles. Best regards, Yakobo E.K.Tibamanya Country Coordinator PELUM-Tanzania
Congratulations Haidee and team! Keep up the fantastic work. Knock Monsanto out! Karen Barensche
Well done for your activism and persistence. Clare Burgess
Well done, Haidee! Best Carola
Dear Haidee Well done to you and thanks. what a relief, maybe there is some sanity out there after all...let me know if a musician can do anything to help, anytime. Derek Gripper
Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!! Many thanks Petra Gewald
thanks Haidee! wonderful news!! Viva! ~ Edi
Well done Haidee. Panos Lambis
Well done!!!!!!! Sharon Hone
well done indeed! Sue Williamson

(in alphabetical order - reversed)

You will win!

You cannot patent a Gene. Its a basic infringement on human rights.

You can't own the things that all people are entitled too for life, food being one. You
should be ashamed, you are responsible for millions of lives. Maybe your child will live to endure such injustice. Do you even care?

You better keep the Funny stuff out of food it was Never meant to have in it.

Harming the population is Criminal!

You are what you eat!

you are what you eat

Yes please label all the gM FOOD AS I do not want to be eating nonsence that i am not suppose to. I am against all GM food.

yes i agree that we need transparency on this matter

Would you feed your children genetically modified potatoes?

Will Monsanto ever tell us what went wrong or should we conclude that this is just one of the inherent risks of a dangerous piece of technology?

Will all potatoes be clearly marked as Genetically modified? If this is allowed- we will be sure to boycott these potatoes. I'd rather eat the tuber moth.

Why would we buy something that is a potential danger to our health and is bad for the local farmers.

Why need GM potatoes when we have lots of varieties that grow very well.

Consumers dont want to be guinea pigs like with cereals!!!

Why must Africa be the dumping ground of First World junk? If scientists develop GM food, let their own populations consume it! And as with all other initiatives from developed countries, we should know from experience that it is NEVER to the benefit of the donor countries or their populations! I am willing to participate in any campaign of this nature whereby we not only sell ourselves short, but also endanger our health!

Why is it that South Africa wishes to tye itself to the large corperates (Money Mongers) of other nations? Who wins in the end? NOT SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!
Why is it that man always interferes with God's perfection, and thinks he can do better, have we learned nothing.

Why is gender so important? Good luck for your campaign!

Why hide the problem????

why do what no one else is prepared to take a chance on? I'll stop eating potatoes if they are likely to be GM.

Why do we allow governments and multi-national corporations to screw up our planet? Why do we need GM crops? What is the long term impact on bio-diversity? What is the long term impact of GM on the health of humanity and the planet? Why is Monsanto being allowed to gradually gain a total monopoly on the supply of maize and wheat seed? Why are commercial farmers muzzled? Never forget ... as you sow so shall you reap!

Why destroy and stand in the way of Nature... Why repair something that's not broken? Have you nothing better to do? Nature has been taking care of us very well since the beginning of time. Who are we to improve on it? We have seen the results of other GM products on people's health. I'm very satisfied with the potato as it is - just leave it alone.

Why change what God (all knowing) has put on earth for us to enjoy. Stop feeding us man made rubbish!

why can't we keep to the good pld way?

Why are we spending a fortune on imported agribusiness which seems to be prone to failure and is not suited to our climate?

Why are we being forced to eat GM foods secretly. GM foods only support greedy companies such as Monsanto. We don't need GM foods, and we certainly don't need to make the GM lobby richer fatter cats than they already are. I will never willingly buy GM foods. I see them as poison.

Who needs imported GM products when we are encouraging local producers to grow healthy organic foodstuff.

Who has been paid off this time? You don't need to be a rocket scientist to see the folly in GM!

Which idiot thinks up this stuff? I wonder if they will be eating those potatoes. Just because you can do something( like genetically engineer vegetables), doesn't mean it's a good idea.

When will we learn that we cannot completely control nature? In many ways, repeatedly, scientists have altered one item in a system and disaster has resulted for the ecosystem. It looks like we are headed that way with GMO's. We have to stop playing with our food supply!

When the last edible green shoot has withered on the stalk and the last food animal succumbed to engineered toxicity, will you then eat your gold?

When consumers are informed of the potential health risks of GM food, they will want to safeguard themselves and will boycott these foods.
when are these people EVER going to realize that to mess with the basic food stuff is to mess with Nature and that means HUMAN NATURE TOO !!!

What's wrong with the potato that our interaction with nature has given us? Not profitable enough?

What would happen if this were to happen to ALL crops planted in a year - HOW MANY people would starve?

what to say? an embarrassment to human rights


What is being done to prevent GM crops from being introduced to RSA? As can be seen it is unreliable at best and extremely dangerous as a worse case scenario.


what happens to the soil these 'failed' GM seeds were planted in? This is criminal to mess with peoples health and well being!

what can i say,there is a war going on and our plates are the battle field, so the best we can do is to fight the good fight of keeping the culprits 'monsanto et al' out of our indipendent countries amd also get our governments to see the common sense of Natural untempered with food, what we Rasta's call Ital, which is so vital.

One Love, let the Hungry be fed...

what about human rights? how dare these corporations suppose that they can dictate the terms of basic food needs? i will never buy gm food in any form, nor would i inflict it on my fellow man

what a shame if the organics movement is compromised by sinking to the level of genetically modifying our vegetable crops. I strongly object to such a move

Well done

We, the public, say NO to being used as subjects of a worldwide uncontrolled experiment for the financial gain of a few.


We will campaign and inform the public to boycott GMO'S and potatoes

We want transparency from Agriculutral corporations. If there's nothing wrong with what they're doing - then what have they go to hide??

We want safety and health above all, not some experimental solution.

We want real food

We want normal potatoes, because we are normal human beings. We don't eat your GM potatoes NEVER.

We visited your countiry and its wildlife and I wouldnt understand you would run the risk of contamination of your unsupassable wilderness.


We the pro-nature and pro-people activists from Punjab state of India supports this petition. Umendra Dutt KHETI VIRASAT MISSION -The Movement for Natural Farming in Punjab

We the consumer should have free choice as to what we eat

We support this movement.

We should persue safer traditional biointensive farming methods with thousands of years of knowledge rather than the risky and uncertainty of GM crops.

We should not destroy our own farming industry. Already the potato farmers are doing well in supplying us with the poato they grow. Why bring what may be hazardous to our own peolp? Stop pruduction of GM potatoes or foods.

We should not be allowing any GM crops

We should never sign blank cheques.

We should bot be drastically altering and poisoning our food. These toxins will surely cause repercussions.

We should all work together to protect the integrity of life on the planet.

We seem to be following the chinese model in these things - not good for consumers!

We say NO to ALL GM organisms in South Africa!

We reject the GM potatoes and we will not allow them in South Africa we want and demand certified Organic foods.

We oppose This initiative

WE oppose all efforts to introduce untried and untested foods into the food chain.

We only have one earth.

We need transparent research!!

We need to know what went wrong and why. What further implications are there and why was in covered up

we need to know more about the failures of these gmos! GMOs monocultures are not the solution for hunger. and food security. Biodiversity is! And Ecological farming is! We need farming that provides the ability of communities to feed themselves and ensures a future of healthy farming and healthy food to all people.

we need to be looking for sustainable solutions for poverty alleviation. GM foods take the power of replanting our own food.

We need organic food for our health not Gm

We need not be subjected to GMO foods.

We need all GM food banned or at the very least tagged so that consumers can make informed decisions about what they are buying

We MUST not have this product in our country,it will severely compromise our environment and our agriculture!

We must not allow anything genetically modified to filter into our lives.....

We must farm sustainably and in partnership with nature. We will not tolerate GM food, particularly when it is not labelled so we have no choice.

We must deal with the issues around GM crops decisively and well. We need to educate far and wide about these greedy b***** who put the world's people at risk to make money. We have had enough of such companies and will make sure they disappear in due course!

We know that GM foods are unhealthy, it is only obvious to stop producing it. Why is so difficult to do the correct thing ?

We Just cannot be used as a testing ground.

WE insist on our right to information and choice.

we have to respect nature and the whole creation of God

We have the right to know what we are eating.

we have great pure food here, and don't need bad food.

We have a right to healthy foods.

We have a responsibility to the earth, to our health and to the less informed.

We have a choice not to accept the "cheaper" goods from first world countries that will negatively impact the agricultural industry in our country

we dont need it

We dont know what is long term effects and also what are they putting into the potatoes

We don't want to eat GM foods. Out with all GM foods!!!

We don't want no GM spuds.

we don't want GM is SA!


We don't need no steenkeeng GM potatoes...

We DO NOT WANT these sort of potatoes on our shelves - THEY WILL BE BOYCOTTED! We are also speaking on behalf of those who do not understand the long term effects of making GM products available to consumers.

WE DO NOT WANT GMO FOODS AND SEEDS IN AFRICA. We have had enough destruction of our health and our environment without this additional danger from GMOs. Please stop interfering with the remaining biodiversity in Africa. It may one day save this planet.

We do not want GM foods!

we do not need GM ptatoes on our tables the health risks are too great. Consumers need to be consulted first when it involves health and nutrition issues

We do not need chemicals in our food.

We do not need any more problems in our world do to unsafe products.

We DEMAND to know the outcome of these reports.

We demand a moratorium on GM crops until it is scientifically proven that it doesn't pose risk to human and environmental health.

we cannot sit back and allow unwise decisions to harm the general population for the sake of farmers making money

We cannot keep meddling with nature and hope to survive - we are stealing our children's futures.

We cannot improve on Nature, it has been proved time & again. Please leave Potatoes as Nature intended, no GM!

We cannot allow GM potatoes to polute our country and our exports. I see no reason or benefit to implement untested science.

We can not allow corporate take over of our livelihoods and our ways of life. we value our indigenous seeds and the knowledge that goes with it. There is a system set in place to exterminate the small scale farmers by these corporations.

We at Emerald Acres are organic farmers, and definately do not want to eat the GMO Potatoes.

We are what we eat, and as a consumer with extreme allergies that are directly attributed to the quality of the food I consume, I am very concern about any alternation to the natural genetic makeup of my food.

We are very worried to see this developments. Our business supports organic farming and products and rejects GM food!

We are very worried to see this developments. Our business supports organic farming and products and rejects GM food!

We are not your guinea pigs!

We are not dirty bins for any one to throw trash in us.

We are being given the Mushroom treatment, it is and will continue to be, life threatening

we are a large family and wish 7 of us to be added to the petition WE ARE STRONGLY AGAINST THIS GM PRODUCT BEING RELEASED WITH THANKS

We all make mistakes, just acknowledge them to earn respect.

We all have a right to free choice - I choose NO GM POTATOES! We don't fully understand the health and ecological implications of GM foods yet. If they use the Earth to conduct their experiments (because really, this is just another step in their experiments for GM produce), by the time we fully understand it will be too late.
Wasn´t it a strategy to leave the poor still poorer? Or just to create a loss of food supply? There must be a reason behind it. It must be unveiled. People don't just eat money. They need real food...

Viva couch activism! I hope there are enough of us who care enough, and that powers that be sit up and take notice. Thanks guys.


Vice president, Washington Biotechnology Action Council (USA)

very shortsited

Very pleased to add my voice against the commercialization of GMO potatoes.

Very much against GM foods!!!

very concerned on this subject

Very concerned about health issues.

Ver, very concerning!!

Use selective breeding, not genetic modification. Support S. African *farmers*, not global corporations. Thank you.

Until the long-term safety of GM potatoes is established, it is unacceptable that it be commercialised.

until it is proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that G.M. products are totally safe I will not endorse the idea of tampering with the natural process of any vegetable growth and as a vegetarian I am particularly alarmed when food is tampered with

Unthinkable, what their objectives are?? Either pure greed or evil??

Unnatural GM foods? no thanks

Unless the South African Biosafety Regulatory Authority has something to hide, this request must be acceeded to. South Africa's biosafety and its Sovereign interest may not be mortgaged to the interests of the biotech industry

Unleashing this toxic potato into the environment and for human consumption in the absence of any human safety study whatsoever constitutes yet another blatant and downright criminal violation of my right to bodily integrity enshrined in our constitution. Every single cell of this toxic concoction contains the cauliflower mosaic virus, closely related to the Hepatitis B and HIV virus, and the antibiotic kanamycin which is crucial in the fight against tuberculosis, and according to the product information sheet should never be given to pregnant women and is also excreted in breast milk. Surely, the concocters of this toxic product cannot be unaware of the latter and their false safety claim not only constitutes criminal negligence but can also be construed as intent to do grievous bodily harm given the fact that like all other GM products already force-fed to the nation without the latter's knowledge and above all CONSENT, this immensely toxic potato poses an immense risk to human health, particularly to immunocompromised people, due to its ability to create superbugs and multi-drug resistant diseases.

Unfortunately South Africa already grows genetically modified foods commercially. Changing the DNA characteristics, is going to have an effect on ecosystems, including humans. Biotechnology companies are interested only in money and power and will persuade us that GMO is needed. Unfortunately we will all reap what we have sown. The whole planet will suffer.

Under no conditions should permission be granted. Our biotech program mearly allows the ignorant to think they belong to the first world. Shame on you
under no circnstance should gm potatoes or any other gm food be allowed in south africa or any part of the world

unacceptable risk for south africans and globally when/if this monster gets loose.

Unacceptable - typical capatilism without any concern for the future - combine this with a spineless Government and what does the future hold. We need to do something

Trying to force GM potatoes on South Africa is further evidence of the greed of US business - at Africa' expense. GM is in direct contradiction of the need for biodiversity and the trend towards reverting to working with Nature (through organic cultivation)rather than against it. GM also defies all logic in terms of the long-term health of rural and urban populations.

trust wealth spill conveyed moore equality partnering Ambienos Portachentes avi

trust in the logic of Nature - it's brought us this far. trusting the logic of money will bring us to apocalypse.

Truly despicable corporate action! Do your testing on corporate lands, before distributing seed!

Trials conducted in the UK showed the toxicity of GM potato. Our GMO Act still casts resposibility of any problems associated with gm food on farmers and consumers, a criminal tactic by gm advocates and corporations to avoid responsibility. Ask these advocates why they do not take responsibilty for their products?

Transparency please, there is too much infomation on GMO keep from the public.

Transparency in all matters is very important to retain ethical integrity which seems to be sorely lacking.

Transparency & accountability are what is needed for the empowerment of all South Africans.


Totally reject this!!

totally and completely against gm potatoes.

Toatlly against it

To reject the entry of GM Potatoes into India.

To me GM is the stuff that nightmares are made of!!
time and time again, we fail to hold on to what we believe is best for us, why do we have to be told what is good or bad for us, our agricultural sector is slowly being manifested into a deathbed for africans, we have enough resources to have natural food, lets not bow down to fatal decisions.

Through my refusal to support GM potatoes I hope to help safeguard the health of consumers and of the planet.

Though food shortage concerns are pressing, this is not a sustainable nor healthy solution, think of something else
those who promote this have surely not done an indipendent investigation as to the facts! Please before engaging on this irriversable path of trouble.

This will be a health hazard for many if this potatoe is allowed to be G Altered. Stop this practice now. Plus very expensive for the farmer..

This whole matter needs to be looked into as a matter of urgency and the public need to be kept informed of the outcome

This stuff is dangerous! Letting people eat it is criminal.

This should not be imposed on the consumer and consumers should have the right to make an informed decision on what they choose to eat.

This serious problem along with global chemical pollution has human health and environmental health globally on the brink - we must all do what ever we can to protect ourselves and our planet. So many powerful people making these critically important decisions that affect our health and are not listening to anyone else - conflicts of interest and loss of integrity in science are worrying so many people - we are in a very precarious position as a species ourselves - until we get people running our world with only the best wanted for our entire world we seem absolutely doomed by corruption, collusion, greed and loss of integrity in science and everywhere else. Diana Buckland MCS-GLOBAL WEBSITE: Awareness, Education, Information & Recognition of Chemical Injury, Chemical Hypersensitivity, Chemical Sensitivity/MCS & other chemically induced illnesses & diseases affecting civilians & military personnel Global Chemical Pollution & the disastrous effects on human health & environmental health Cancer and the chemical connection Kallangur, Queensland, Australia phone 61+7+32853573 Email: or

This secrecy is unacceptable. We demand answers!!!

This really should NOT be taken lightly.

This proposal is unconstitutional in that we are supposed to have a right to the protection of the environment...if this goes ahead htis would represent an obscene violation of our human rights and plain stupidity in view of the rest of the worlds stand against its introduction. What is more as a consumer we have no protection against this as there is no obligation towards transparent labeling of products in this this would leave me no choice other than to give up buying potatoes!!! Please stop this madness. We need local solutions for our people not consumer takeovers by corporate entities, which will only lead to increased poverty in an already dangerously unfair and unequal society.

This potato, like so many other processesed foods contains harmfull substances to the human body. The people pushing these poisonous products are aware of the effects they can have on the fragile human electro chemical system. It should be classed as genocide but because their are some people making huge amounts of money off this, the truth is hidden and lies are told so they can fill their pockets. It would be interesting to see if they themselves would like to be fed a small dose of cyanide every day until their bodies slowly begin to fail and death is premature. I want healthy food thank you. NO POISON POTATOES!!!

This must be stopped immediately. Rights for humans!

This matter needs to be followed up strongly in the interest of potential victims. The scenario of failed GM ventures can only spell disaster for the developing countries.

This madness must be stopped.

This lemming like attitude of the rest of the world to follow American practices is not a good way to act.

This issue of GM must be looked at holistically. As usual, we look at some so-called 'benefits' and not at the downsides. Why oh why do we do this? It is too late when a mother is looking at a disfigured new born baby, or someone's mother is dying because of physical ailments caused by GM food. It could be YOUR baby or mother.

This is unacceptable on SO MANY levels! It isn't by accident that most of the public worldwide don't want to be force-fed GMOs; if they were so great [or at least harmless], they'd be proudly labeled as such in all the foods we buy.
this is unacceptable monsanto is trying to dominate the distribution of seeds globally with complete and utter diregard for the people that are consuming these gmo's in the sake of turnover and monopolizing the market with these sort of occurances one cannot help wonder if they are apart of the codex alimentarius agenda which will commence on decenber 31 2009 watch the world according to monsanto for more info.

This is the start of disaster. They who produce GM seed operate under the guise of hiumanity where in fact they are organizing to corner the world's supply of seedstock and thereby control the supplky of food. Gm modified seed is the modern day Trjan Horse and not only destroys choice, but seeks to dominate. The profound truth that 'all the flowers of all the tomorrows are contained in the seeds of today" is in danger of being destroyed and the risks created are unacceptable. Genetic tinkering of this sort is amoral and should be designated a crime against humanity.

This is the nutritional equivalent of when GM started adding lead to fuel - knowing full well with in a short space of time that it was toxic - look at the mess we're sitting with now as a result.
this is terrible, we need to be made aware of the health impact of all gm foods

This is shocking and unsurprising. Can we make a decision together that large constituencies of the human race not be slaughtered by the negligence of certain other constituencies?

This is really sad to organic agriculture. We are in Zambia but really fear the effects of this development in the subregion

This is outrageous.....stop GM foods now.

This is not the way forward for African food security - the seed will never be ours.

this is not acceptable.

This is no small issue, but falls within the context of our food security as a nation and our right to determine how we act in a global market. If we don't have information we will always be taken advantage of.

This is just the beggining of failures.How ready is Monsanto to mitgate the impacts of food insecurity?.When did monsanto gain tenure to Farmers?.Can't monsanto free farmers to express their grief?As activists we are composed to expose Monsanto and its false solutions.

this is hippy ineffectiveness, but I agree you want to do something

This is dispicable and should not be allowed to happen.

This is crazy! I am growing my own potatoes if this is what is going to happen.

this is an unforgivable action. With no long term research to determine future health problems you are throwing percaution to the wind. There are many other ways to deal with pest conerns such as not growing moncultures, diversity and michorizzal health in the soil. The fact that you have introduced foreign moths to this conuntry to create this study is truely unconscionable and it completely what is wrong with the world today. when even our instutions of HIGHER learning start to take part in these charades I believe we are in serious trouble. The Universities should be doing basic research to help heal the health of our land and people not potentially harm them in irreversible ways. Stop this insanity NOW!

This is an outrage!

This is a very unsafe proposal. My PhD is in ecology. GMO potatoes are untested and it is not right to subject consumers to the position of guinea pigs.

This is a very dangerous situation for South Africa. As usual the benefits will go to a multinational rather than South Africans.

This infringes on constitutional rights toward common freedoms where we will no longer be able to eat potato so freely and again of our right to a safe environment it flouts the precautionary principle never mind mounting evidence suggesting its unacceptable dangers.

This has to change!

This forms part of Codex Alimentarius (Global 2000 Report) which is a depopulation programme. Look it up on the internet.

This food has not been tested by independent scientists. Quite apart from this it's overall effects have been disastrous on small farmers world-wide.

This disaster to communicate our networks to our rural communities in Central America. And try to be reported in local media to realize the weaknesses we have in our country in terms of biosecurity, especially given the lack of independent evaluations.

This can't be any better than BT Cotton that is killing Asian economy.



Statement from Jenny Louw (Earth Artist) :

"My stand point on this issue does not come from a purely scientific standpoint but rather from a historical, biological and ethical angle.

Hind sight is an accurate science! Looking back classical science has many a time introduced technologies and methods that have over time proven wrong and others that have been right. Genetic modification has a relatively short history and as yet has not proven itself to be safe or sustainable.  In fact it has received an incredible amount of negative press from many reputable organizations and individuals alike.  

The economic culture at present is conducive to much distrust from the greater public for many reasons, an important one being the prime motivation of large corporations to earn extremely large profits. This obviously leads to serious ethical and moral question marks that hang onto the motivations of these large companies e.g. Monsanto, BASF, Exxon Mobil etc etc. The urge to control world food production (by large corporations) and supply as well as “own” the genetic code of the worlds food crops is ethically and morally not acceptable to any empowered human being!

Much of the public are opposed to the introduction of a food crop that is shrouded in such controversy (much based on the short history of other introduced GM crops) by companies with a reputation of greed to government and countries and farmers of equal motivation.

Nature on the other hand has supported creation for billions of years in absolute perfection. Here is a clean and transparent and dependent track record! Based on the powerful science of nature; organic, biodynamic and permaculture farming is proving highly successful and is certainly motivated by an ethic of sustainability, health and empowerment of the individual.

We clearly see that GM is highly questionable and thus unsafe to pursue in this way. Until these organisations change their moral fibre I stick to nature and my support resolutely lies with those individuals motivated to empower all peoples and to protect the integrity of life on the planet.  

Herewith I confirm that in my mind our future lies in concentrating on developing our farming methods based on natural laws and principles. The future lies in empowering the peoples of the world to farm in co-operation with nature, producing their own seed, nurturing their soil and creating biospheres that protect their crops. Attaching  world food production into GM Crops, terminator seed technologies, chemical fertilisers, pesticide: herbicide and poisonous farming practices is extremely short sighted and enslaves us to a few large organizations.

For a healthy and sustainable future for all the choice is obvious!  No to the Spunta G2 potato"

Jenny Louw
July 2008

This campaign has been initiated by The African Centre for Biosafety.

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