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Ms Tina Joemat-Pettersson,
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

and ...

Ms Wendy Ackerman, Executive Director: Pick 'n Pay Stores Ltd. Mr Andre Nel, Senior Manager: Sustainable Development, Pick n Pay
Mr Brian Weyers, Marketing Director: Shoprite/Checkers
Mr Graham Claassens, National Brands Manager for Spar
Mr Keven Lovell, CEO of SA Poultry Association
Mr Keith Ramsay, Senior Livestock Specialist at the Dept of Agriculture

The Need for Ethical Egg Production

As concerned citizens we would like to express our horror at current intensive farming practices in South Africa and in particular the cruelty that is associated with the production of eggs. The current media attention to the horror practices of the extermination of day-old male chicks has drawn more attention to the cruel practices associated with battery chickens. We would like to live in a South African society that respects animals and does everything in its power to reduce cruelty towards animals.
We therefore call on you to do the following :
1. Phase out the cruel practice of battery chickens as a priority.  In 2012 the European Union will ban battery cages altogether.  South Africa has to follow suit!  Supermarket chains should provide the first impetus by only stocking free range eggs and only using free range eggs in its products;

2. Ensure that the surplus of male chicks is managed in an ethical and appropriate way. Producers should be pressurized into selling cocks to impoverished communities – not to dispose of them.  If there is no alternative to disposal, the male chicks should be gassed or macerated in the least traumatic way possible.

3. Ensure that the producers of eggs are inspected on a regular basis.


As people around the world celebrate World Egg Day in many weird & wonderful ways - newspapers & TV news stations will be searching for THAT PICTURE ! 
'Activist', in conjunction with 'Compassion in World Farming SA', staged a provocative installation on Jameson Hall Steps, UCT Main Campus - between 12.30 - 1.30pm on Friday 9th - models dressed in yellow swimsuits were locked inside small cages, holding egg shaped placards, calling for an END to BATTERY EGGS!



Student Peggy Tunyiswa was one of those squashed into the cage.  She said : "It's like slavery, we don't support slavery anymore, so why would we do this to fellow creatures?"  She went on to say : "It's just like apartheid all over again, where one person thinks they are better than the other, and can treat them anyway they like.  People used to say that we were 'just black, so treat them any way you like, stick them in a cage'.  Why are farmers now doing this to animals?  It's just disgusting.  How do they sleep at night?"


Another caged student, Mellisa Haiden, said : "Supermarkets just want to make as much money as they can, and they care nothing for the life of the creatures that provide our food.  I think it's horrific."
Others called it "twisted", "barbaric" and "sick".  Another asked :"What does it say about our society?"
Pumeze Rashe said : "Maybe it's because people don't actually know, but maybe it's because they just don't care!  Why would anyone want to eat food that's made like this?  As human beings we are taught to have compassion, and yet they can do this to animals!  Why?"

It seems that for 18 - 25 year old South Africans - compassion does matter, and violence as a way of producing food is not something they want to be a part of.

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We need to drive the battery egg into extinction!

Exactly 20 years ago there wasn't a single free range egg on the market, but more and more consumers are demanding that their food is produced in a cruel-free and dignified way (see the latest issue of Animal Voice at for the history of free range eggs)

With your help we can ensure that before long, there will be no battery eggs available for sale as all eggs will be produced in an ethical and humane manner.


Activist Factory Farms

This campaign has been initiated by : Activist and Louise van der Merwe and Marlise Richter (of Compassion in World Farming)

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