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Mefhi in

(15 December 2015)
Your story stirs up my curiosity. I vitesid Santiago, but never the southern tip of Chile. Here is what Wikipedia has to say abt the region:"... 火地群島(西班牙語 Tierra del Fuego) 是南美洲最南端的島嶼群 由主島大火地島及周邊小島組成 .... 1520年 麥哲倫在其環球航行中發現該群島 他看見島上的印第安人燃起了許多煙柱 於是將該群島命名為火地群島 他以為那是印第安人準備襲擊他的船隊的信號 但其實那可能僅僅是因為閃電引起的天火 ... "I assume the natives also like to hunt seals and penguins :)
VanGoghMi in Unknown

(28 October 2014)
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Eileen in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(09 May 2013)
Yes....and where are the Woolworths free range chickens - hardly ever available in the deli sections....and what about their dairy cows - don't tell me they feel like "loved" cows. That only serves to mislead the public! Woolworths must deliver on their promises.

Nicola in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(29 March 2013)
I believe your company has the potential to lead the way for other supermarkets when it comes to free range products (beef, chicken, eggs, pork, lamb, etc). You have done such great work already! Loyal customers need you to finish what you started. I think it is also fair that activists ask you to voice what your blockers are as there may be folks who can offer creative solutions? The public want to work with you, please give us a chance.
Best wishes this Easter,
spammer in Unknown

(20 March 2012)
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Aneesa in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(12 January 2012)
Totally disappointed and perception has been changed.

Aneesa in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(12 January 2012)
Totally disappointed and perception has been changed.

Loren in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(11 December 2011)
No more battery eggs in any products please. have compassion and love for our world and all creatures in it. No more cruelty . Say no to this insanity. How much money is worth it!?

Waynne in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(03 November 2011)
It would be great to know exactly how 'free range' the chickens are.
Joy in Gauteng - All Areas

(27 October 2011)
I would pay a bit more for free range eggs in products. But, regardless of this, please find a way to lead the way! There are a zillion of your products that I can't buy anymore :(

Cathy in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(13 September 2011)
Please Woolies, even if it costs more to make your products with free range eggs, don't you think maybe you could sacrifice one of your many other products and put this money to better use?
We really don't need 6 different varieties of jelly sweets.... we need humane conditions for these chickens...
Lauren in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(28 July 2011)
Of all companies Woolworths should be leading compassionate farming and animal dignity.

Linda in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(28 June 2011)
Help stop battery eggs!

Jacques in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(12 June 2011)
While it is clear that Woolworths does employ some ethical processes in its business there is the strong sense that this is done mostly as a marketing tactic to appeal to ethical consumers. Woolworths would go a long way to being actually ethical if it made some business decisions based on ethical reasons apart from any marketing or financial considerations. Failure to be able to do that means Woolworths is just another coporate machine with a good brand design but no soul. Using only free range eggs in all products would be a substantial demonstration to customers that Woolworths is indeed committed to ethical practices beyond empty lip-service and spin.

Melody in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(01 June 2011)
Ban battery farming. I will not eat any more of your prepared foods.
Tammy in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(11 May 2011)
Its very sneaky that Woolworths promote their "free range" eggs but then use normal battery produced eggs in their other products. They are being completely hypocritical. Its disgusting@
Richie in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(19 April 2011)
Abandon the exploitation of chickens altogether. Stop pretending you care.
spammer in Unknown

(10 April 2011)
GoPaC8 That's really thinking out of the box. Thanks!
Nick in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(23 March 2011)
TRUTH please!

Robyn in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(15 March 2011)
I buy Woolworths eggs but I never buy their chicken unless it says free range. I find it hypocritical that Woolworths stocks battery chickens and uses battery eggs in their products - I would not have expected them to be a part of, and ergo condone, such practices.
Catherine in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(14 March 2011)
Woolworths has been claiming to be a "sustainable" and "ethical" retailer for a long time now. I have had my doubts about the integrity of your claims - to me it always seems that they're based on very superficial actions, which are hyped up and in the end are no more than greenwashing. This has just confirmed it for me, I am very dissapointed in Woolworths and will no longer buy from you - there are other retailers out there who are offering a more ethical and environmentally friendly range of products!
Katherine in KwaZulu-Natal (Durban)

(26 January 2011)
I'm a loyal Woolies customer, with a "Make a Difference" card that I diligently swipe, and feel betrayed by the misrepresentation of your commitment to green living.

Kirsten in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(20 January 2011)
I try to buy from Woolworth's specifically because I want to support companies doing the right thing and I think Woolworth's tries to do just that. Please buy free-range eggs for your food production just as we buy the free-range eggs from you to make our food.
Maria in Free State

(28 October 2010)
How dare enforce your choice on us and mislead us!!!!!!!We need a RESPONSIBLE retailer like you claim to be???????
Maria in Free State

(28 October 2010)
How dare enforce your choice on us and mislead us!!!!!!!We need a RESPONSIBLE retailer like you claim to be???????
Marcia in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(23 September 2010)
I have always trusted that Woolworths has integrity in their promise to the public. This is definately a
wake up call that Retailers are not to be trusted and each individual should take responsability for every choice that is made irrespective of what the media is saying.
Laura in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(21 September 2010)
I COMPLETELY understand that the organic and free range egg producers cannot keep up with demand. So stop demanding. We should all be using only a couple of eggs per week! Then we can all have eggs. So, start encouraging your shoppers to eat more fruit and veggies and less patries and egg containing products - it's bad for the chicken, bad for the environment, and bad for our health. It's a luxury we take for granted. I will happily pay 5 x the average egg price for an organic egg because it is produced with care and ethics. I really mean that.
Kathryn in Western Cape (All Areas)

(16 September 2010)
As a regular woolworths shopper I have been greatly dissapointed to discover that they were not using only free range eggs in their products, despite their committment to not selling battery eggs in their store. It seems a bit like false marketing.
Collette in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(28 August 2010)
If Woolworths is going to make such a strong campaign against the use of battery eggs, they should follow through with this fully. If it means that customers must pay more for products containing eggs, so be it. Those who do not care about free-range eggs can shop elsewhere and get cheaper prices. I think paying more for a product containing eggs is worth it if the eggs are free-range.

Kobus in Western Cape - Overberg

(05 March 2010)
Please Woolworths,battery farming is an atrocious industry. How can you possibly qualify your support of this cruelty?
Please stop using battery eggs in you products!
Nizreen in Western Cape (All Areas)

(01 March 2010)
Woolworths, I thought you were better than this!

Sue in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(20 February 2010)
I am so disappointed to hear that your many and varied prepared foods contain eggs from battery hens. I have been buying only free range eggs for many years and was an activist in promoting free range eggs many years back as battery chicken farming is extremely cruel.

Andrew in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(11 February 2010)
I admire Woolworths for its products, service and ethics. I applaud its free range eggs. But battery farming of poultry is a moral outrage and all such eggs should be banned.

Janine in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(11 February 2010)
it's what you DO that counts, not what you say you do.

michael in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(10 February 2010)
feel really let down about the battery eggs.....will refrain from purchasing woolies products containing them.Want to see an end to battery chickens...period, want to see humane treatment of pigs, cows, calves. am gatvol of slick corporate green washing, we the consumers are way savvier than you give us credit for. Am going to stick with ethical co-op and wild organics...In fact been feeling less and less inclined to shop woolies or pick n pay for some time in order to buy local, support the small guys & enjoy slow food.

Esme in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(08 February 2010)

Mark in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(08 February 2010)
More and more I am beginning to swee that Woolworths typefies corporate lip service. I think its only a matter of time before consumer markets start taking over from the corporate scam artists.
Cant you see ? That we have had so so so enough of this and we talk to each other on the net and through email. We asre not the anaethetised consumer any more.
I cannot tolerate this cruelty.

Lorna in Eastern Cape - All Areas

(28 January 2010)
Please do all yu can to make life easier for animals.

Paula in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(27 January 2010)
Come on!!! - Practice what you preach!

Brett in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(27 January 2010)
Some how I'm not surprised, anything to mark the price up and make a sale.
Victoria in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(13 January 2010)
Battery eggs are produced by hens who live in cramped, caged conditions with a space allowance each of 75% of an A4 sheet of paper. Their beaks are always seared off and they do not have access to sunlight or the ability to exercise any of their basic behavioural needs such as laying an egg in a nest, dust-bathing, sun-bathing, foraging and scratching for food. After a year, the rate at which they lay eggs drops from one egg every 25 hours to one every 34 hours. They are no longer considered economically viable and are sent to cull farms where hawkers buy them for slaughter in informal settlements. Please join me in this petition which aims at ending the cruel and unnecessary practice of battery farming in South Africa.
Justin in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(06 January 2010)
Stop pulling the Woolies over our eyes! We will not support you otherwise!!!

Julia in Eastern Cape - All Areas

(21 December 2009)
All eggs should be produced in an ethical, humane manner. Please do not support battery farming in any way!

Darty in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(30 November 2009)
I commit to absolutely not buying or consuming your battery farmed products till you make the ethical choice and change. Do the right thing! Now.

Jennifer in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(27 November 2009)
Woolworths has taken a leading step toward the goal of a cruelty free farming when committing to free range eggs. I urge woolworths to continue with vigour on its path toward being a store that only offers its clients products that are ethical in every way. Each step is an example to all other chain stores and the public of compassionate business practice.

Elmarie in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(26 November 2009)
Woolworths : Masters in the Black Arts of Greenwashing
Tony in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(24 November 2009)
The consumer is becoming more concious. Its all about energy - consume or benefit from energy that has gone through pain and you shall go through pain.
Amir in Gauteng - All Areas

(18 November 2009)
It is dispicable that you still condone and make use of this process. Shame on you!!!!
Kristin in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(17 November 2009)
Woolworths must not have double standards. They say that they are green people yet they support the cruelty of animals. Hmmm?!!

Jenny in Western Cape - Knysna

(16 November 2009)
Battery egg is abhorrent! Battery chickens should be banned by law!
Hugh in Western Cape (All Areas)

(13 November 2009)
I want free range eggs in all Woolies products.
karen in KwaZulu-Natal (Durban)

(12 November 2009)
I would also like to know whether chickens which are slaughtered for consupmtion are also free range.

Kim in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(12 November 2009)
the market dominating corps must fall!
Antoinette in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(12 November 2009)
I think that it is shocking to treat living beings in such a vulgar way.It must be stopped even if they're meat and eggs are part of our meals. It does not give anyone the right to abuse them :(
Donal in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(12 November 2009)
Give consumers what they are demanding - free range poultry products across the board.

Jade in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(12 November 2009)
Please, this brutality simply HAS to stop. Please supply us with AUTHENTIC, free range organic eggs, and stop supporting battery farms!
Ann in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(12 November 2009)
We won't eat battery eggs any longer. I can't believe someone whom I support on a daily basis would still be operating with battery hens. Stop it or I and all my friends and family will stop shopping at woolies.

tessa in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(12 November 2009)
My family and I have been loyal WW customers for more than 43 years. We love the quality of WW but this is not acceptable, in fact it is very misleading
Sharon in Eastern Cape - All Areas

(10 November 2009)
Do the right thing, Woolworths. Do what you promised to do and act responsibly.
MELANIE in Eastern Cape - All Areas

(10 November 2009)

Michelle in Eastern Cape - Jeffrey's Bay

(10 November 2009)
As a vegan I FULLY support this initiative.

Debbie in Eastern Cape - All Areas

(09 November 2009)
I only buy from Woolies as they claim to be cruelty free!! This is news to me, and I wont support Woolies anymore until they change their ways
Kati in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(09 November 2009)
How disappointing =o((
Mia in North West

(08 November 2009)
I find it unacceptable that Woolworths misleads the public by creating the impression that they sell only free range eggs, when in fact, their prepared foods are made with eggs from battery chickens. In future, I will think twice before believing Woolworths guarantees of humanely produced foods!
Shaun in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(05 November 2009)
I am strongly opposed to battery chicken farming! I appeal to Woolworths to source only free range chicken products.

Appavoo in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(29 October 2009)
Woolies suck because they maKE US BELIEVE THAT THEY USE FREE RENGE EGGS.

Jane in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(25 October 2009)
You have to be sick not to be repulsed by the concept of factory farming - for any animal! Hooray to the activists for actually doing something about it.

Phyllis in Eastern Cape - All Areas

(23 October 2009)
Come on guys! I was shocked to hear you actually use battery chicken eggs in your dishes. Get it right, or lose me as a customer!

Sarah in KwaZulu-Natal - All Areas

(23 October 2009)
Please look out for our precious animals! It is not fair!!!
Della in Gauteng (Pretoria)

(23 October 2009)
FREE AS A BIRD? What's the point if you use battery eggs in all your prepared products? PLEASE BE TRUE TO YOUR WORD. I will only buy your products once you use free range eggs to prepare them.

Minet in Gauteng (Pretoria)

(23 October 2009)
The big deal is that Woolworths claims to care about the environment and the well-being of their customers. Time to act on the claims!
Jennifer in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(22 October 2009)
Ernestine in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(22 October 2009)
You want to be recognised as Environmentally and Animal friendly, go the whole way, do NOT bypass or cut corners ...
Stop using battery eggs in your food products immediately
Margi in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(22 October 2009)
Please don't hurt the chickens. Woolworths is such an upmarket store, I find it surprising that anything other than free range is considered in your outlet.
Victoria in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(22 October 2009)
Organic and free range is the way forward!!!!

Michelle in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(22 October 2009)
Please don't tell me that I have to stop shopping at Woolies because you are not being honest.
Devon in Northern Cape

(21 October 2009)
I am a proud South African and it shames me when one of our biggest retailers are so ignorant and heartless.
Janine in Gauteng - All Areas

(21 October 2009)
It is just plain cruel..

Amanda in Gauteng (Pretoria)

(21 October 2009)
Dear Woolworths,

This is not the first time that it came to my attention that your ethics are not in place andthat you portray a dishonest image to the public. You show total disrespect by treating your customers as ignorent. Please start living your values and put your money where your mouth is. Stop making use of battery eggs.

For action please.
Thank you
Amanda Calinikos

Nazeer in KwaZulu-Natal - All Areas

(21 October 2009)
Help us to support u. use only free range eggs. its so easy

Tara in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(21 October 2009)
What a pitty Woolworths puts money first and ethics last.
yolanda in Gauteng - All Areas

(21 October 2009)
Come on Woolworths, you are an innovative company and you have to get this one right
Shaun in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(21 October 2009)
Anne in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(20 October 2009)
Battery eggs are an incredibly cruel product that require unspeakable suffering of birds for the sake of money. Help stop this barbaric "farming" practice.
Andrea in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(20 October 2009)
The internet publicity surrounding Woolworths and battery eggs is not doing Woolworths' image as a responsible retailer any good. The power of the internet is immense.
The more retailers stop supporting the battery hen farmers, the quicker they will go out of business. Is it really that difficult or costly to make this change & would others not follow if a big retail name like Woolworths do the ethical thing?

Rosemary in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(20 October 2009)
Spare a thought for animal rights
greg in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(20 October 2009)
I think its only fair not to give customers the choice to buy non free range eggs!

samantha in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(20 October 2009)
in my opinion woolworths is very helpful and efficient. But there is a major concern when it comes to eggs that are not free range. please consider this.

SHELLEY in Western Cape - Overberg

(20 October 2009)
Please can we make a concerted effort to ensure the food that lands on our table ahs not come about through cruelty of any kind.

Beata in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(20 October 2009)
This must stop
Bev in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(20 October 2009)
Please only use Free range eggs in all your food stuff. It is really very disapointing to find out that you use Battery eggs, I will definately not buy anything from you again.

Sanet in Gauteng (Pretoria)

(20 October 2009)
Please switch to using only free range eggs in all your food
Ian in Western Cape (All Areas)

(20 October 2009)
Please stop stocking battery eggs. Prevent animal cruelty.

Sissy in International

(19 October 2009)
Get rid of battery eggs.

Susan in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(19 October 2009)
I'm incredibly disappointed that Woolworths can mislead us so badly. With how many other products have they been less than forthcoming with the truth. I only buy from Woolworths. Perhaps I need to rethink this??
R in Gauteng - All Areas

(19 October 2009)
Surely, you must understand that this is a disgusting and unacceptable practice? I really expect better morality from Woolworths. Until then, no more purchases!

Matthew in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

(19 October 2009)
I am a loyal customer thanks to your efforts to go above and beyond in offering quality foods to your customers. I do however warn you that this is the second bit of misleading advertising I have endured from you the first being your "Non Genetically Modified" campaign. This has compromised my trust in you and has done far more damage than good to our relationship. What else are you untruthful about? PnP does not treat me like an idiot and is also putting in big effort. Need I say more!

Tina in Western Cape (All Areas)

(19 October 2009)
As a committed Woolworths customer, I strongly urge you to end any use of products using battery produced eggs.
I shall certainly not purchase any further products containing battery eggs.
Further, I would request that you extend this philosophy to your chicken products, so that they only contain free range birds.
I currently do not buy any chicken products at woolworths, other than the free range chicken pieces and would love to purchase more of your products.
I commend the work that you have done so far, but it does not go far enough. We need to put an end to the inhumane treatment of animals as a matter of urgency. You may not get many direct requests from our relatively apathetic public, but there is huge public support for compassionate food products, and your clients will certainly support you if you support us in making this change.
Jemimah in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(19 October 2009)
Please move to using free range eggs in all your food production. Regards, Jemimah Birch

esti in Western Cape (Cape Town)

(19 October 2009)
I've always considered Woolworths as a company superior to other food-suppliers in the sense of quality and ethical business. When I found out about the battery eggs in your products I was and still am very disappointed. Why make so much effort to support the idea of free range, but not wholly follow through? It feels as if Woolworths thought it could dupe the consumer into believing the 'ethical' branding which you have created for yourselves. Note 'ethical' in brackets, as I will now doubt every single thing that WW tells me. I also think it was easy to get away with battery eggs in mixed products such as cakes etc, beacause most consumers trust WW without question, and won't think further to ask if the eggs in the products are free range- as you have created a very strong image of ethical business, and it was assumed by me and many other consumers that WW would live up to it. It seems now that it is not so. After this, and the gelatine in the yoghurts I am losing more and more confidence in WW and will not shop with you as often as I have. There is no way for me to 'check up' on your ethicalness, and after being duped a few times, I think its time to move on to farmers markets where I can make a more informed decision about my food.
Yours Sincerely
Esti Strydom