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Who is Bringing Home The Bacon?

Bring Home The Bacon ~ Who Is Going Whole Hog?

This campaign seeks to inform consumers about the plight of factory farmed pigs in SA, challenge restaurants and retailers to switch to suppliers of free-range and finally to boost the supply of genuinely free-range and ethical pork in South Africa.

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Compassion In World Farming
Concerned Consumers

Concerned Consumers (Launching 2013)

Concerned Consumers is a growing community of South Africans who are becoming increasingly interested in the origins of their food, and their right to make informed choices about the food they buy. With the new Consumer Protection Bill coming into force on the 1st April 2011, power has been placed in the hands of consumers to lay complaints against misleading labeling, non-transparent advertising, and unacceptable environmental, social and animal practices.
Activist | Microfarming (Farm & Garden Trust)

Microfarming (2010 to present)

In 2009 there was consensus in government around FAMILY FARMING as a solution to FOOD SECURITY ISSUES. What is lacking is an actual strategy. Let’s get government to allocate support to replicate micro-farming models already in action.

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F & G Trust
Coal vs Solar

Solar Revolution (2010 to present)

There's a reason we call ourselves 'Sunny South Africa'! Through investments in renewable energy technologies, large-scale energy-efficiency initiatives and other bright 'out-of-the-box' ways of doing things, South Africa can meet the electricity demand of a growing economy AND simultaneously reduce emissions.

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Project 90 by 2030

The GM Potato Campaign (2008 - 2010)

Status : Successful

In a damning and ground breaking ruling, South Africa’s GM body, the Executive Council (EC), has rejected attempts by the Agriculture Research Council (ARC) to bring GM potatoes to the South African market.
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Dear Woolworths

Dear Woolworths (2009 - present)

Status : Awaiting fulfillment of commitment by Woolworths

Woolworths commits to switching over to free range eggs and apologises for “unintentionally” misleading customers. The First 60 products were promised by April 2010 (i.e. Now) - so where are they? - View the Press Release (courtesy of Greta Wilson PR)
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