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Read Eitan Stern's Thesis : "Animals are Persons Too - A proposition for the development of animal rights".

Activist Stance on Genetic Engineering

There's a whole range of problems with GMOs, including - lack of scientific agreement on the safety of the technology in terms of human and environmental health.

This is a science in it's infancy with many scientists raising red flags about possible future impacts, - widespread disagreement with an industrial agricultural model that promotes monocultures, use of chemicals and propietary seeds and produces mainly for global markets rather than local consumption - religious or ethical concerns as well as consumers rights - the erosion of small scale farmer rights and food security, resistance to corporate ownership over the food chain - trade and economic issues.

There is a growing demand from farmers, consumers and social movements to abandon industrial agriculture in favour of sustainable agriculture that produces for local markets and ensures that farmers, not corporations, are in control of agricultural resources (e.g. seeds).

This demand is largely informed by the triple crisis we currently find ourselves in: crises of economy, food and climate. Placing our food security and food safety into the hands of mega transnational corporations and pinning our hopes on an agricultural model that is based on the oil industry (for agrochemicals as well as the global movement of food) is clearly not a viable option.

Activist Stance on Climate Change

Even if over 90% of the world’s leading scientists should be proven to be wrong about the conclusion that human activity is leading to global warming and climate change, common sense tells us that the planet cannot indefinitely sustain the impact of demands we humans make on it.

As population grows and access to wealth increases, the need to make more stuff regardless of the impact on precious ecosystems grows as well. Living simply, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and utilising resources fully to cut carbon can’t do any harm. Continuing with business as usual and simply continuing to feed the dragons of consumption and production just doesn’t make any kind of sense.

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