Activist is the logical next step for media activism.

By knowing the medium inside & out, we aim to make participation in important environmental, social and animal rights causes more accessible, more efficient and more enjoyable.

Activist MindShift Article
Left : Article by Glen Adams & Mark Fox in the Mind Shift Magazine.

MindShift Article
Activist recognises the power of media activism and is committed to correcting the flaws that are currently restraining it.

One of the more common objections raised is that internet activism is disordered, random and helter-skelter – just a chaotic jumbled mass of emails and web-links both for the recipient (a government office or corporate leader) as well as the activist. This Criticism is accurate and well founded – and equally straightforward to remedy.

By networking organisations (most commonly NGOs) which are involved in environmental, social and animal rights causes via a series of secure databases and providing a framework to share information and “content” (i.e. texts, images, videos, articles and other documents) Activist! can begin to eliminate the unnecessary clutter and duplication.
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