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Activist is a non-profit organisation which aims to make the process of participation more efficient by enabling you to support multiple initiatives with a single click.

We work to raise awareness, primarily through the powerful medium of film (step 1) - enable action via online campaigns (step 2) - and to deliver feedback, provided you have opted-in for this service (step 3).

Media Activism 3.0

Often criticized in its current form (mass / bulk emails are the tools often used) now a new breed of activist is coordinated by sophisticated and smart technology once only accessible to large corporations. The open source movement has helped considerably.

Activist New Media Activism

Fair Drug Treatment Access :

A Call for Action in the Developing World. An article by Eve Pearce. Click here to read.

Going Whole Hog

Activist launches "Bring Home The Bacon" - 15th March 2013. Click here to see the campaign page.


2013 ~ Dear Woolworths Campaign Update

Half Way There

Half of the Woolworths products containing egg have been switched from "conventional" (i.e. battery eggs) to free range eggs. This change is felt by 100,000 chickens who are now free to move around instead of being confined to a cage.

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